East Portland Neighborhood Office

East Portland’s greatest asset is the diversity of communities that live, work, play, and come together in East Portland. EPNO’s mission is to support the community building and advocacy activities of these diverse East Portland communities. 

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2018-04-02 18:15

The budget for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) includes a funding request for the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO). You can support the request for increased funding by providing testimony at the upcoming budget hearing on April 17, 2018, and by writing, e-mailing or calling City Council.

2018-02-10 16:19

Find out why you don’t have to live in Lents to join the LNLA ...

2018-02-10 16:17

Traffic Safety improvements on NE Halsey Avenue

2018-04-25 18:30
OLD David Douglas School District Office, Board Room, 1500 SE 130th Ave. (at SE Market between Division and Stark)
2018-04-26 18:00
1017 NE 117 Ave, Portland, OR
2018-04-28 09:00
Parkrose High School (12003 NE Shaver St)
2018-05-01 18:30
Note new location: St George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 2101 NE 162nd Ave. Portland, OR 97230
2018-05-02 14:00
East Portland Action Plan Office, 1017 NE 117th Ave. (between Halsey + Glisan at the foot of the watertower)
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